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Invasive Species Eradication Update

Japanese Knotweed eliminates other plant species, chokes streams, lakes, and land of their natural insects and nutrients. TU North Bear Chapter put forth an eradication effort in conjunction with Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development. Eradication requires individually breaking down and injecting a killing chemical into each stalk or safe chemical application to prevent growth. Our plan required volunteers to accomplish these tasks. However, only three people volunteered this summer and this inaction has led to expansive plant growth, thus making a more pervasive knotweed takeover. I am disappointed by the lack of interest and effort in this cause. As conservation chair, I hope people will believe in this important mission and help during our 2016 dates (to be determined). You can learn more by following this link: Project funding came from TU National through its Embrace-A-Stream grant, TU North Bear, TU Iowa Council and NE Iowa Conservation and Development. The following picture is on Paint Creek in the area of our focus:

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