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2015 TUNB Chapter Fishing Trip

This picture shows extensive coverage of Japanese Knotweed in and near Paint Creek, Allamakee County. I am manually doing one of the first step eradication methods. Notice the height (can grow to over 7’) and extensive ground coverage.
Ecological Threat: Japanese knotweed spreads to form dense thickets eliminating normal vegetation (and for fishers) plants and insects necessary for healthy water. It can pose a significant threat to stream side, stream themselves and lakes.
One of many website you can access:
Trout Unlimited North Bear Chapter is coordinating its eradication effort with Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation & Development.
Volunteers are needed to implement eradication efforts. Eradication volunteer dates are: TBD 2017
During the volunteer times people typically will be bending Japanese Knotweed in preparation for an herbicide treatment. If we are not bending, we will be applying herbicide by either stem injection or with hand or backpack sprayers. We are working to eliminate Japanese Knotweed from the Paint Creek Watershed and due to its extremely invasive nature if not controlled it will spread and take over the stream corridor.
To volunteer in the future and for us to plan accordingly, contact Josh Dansdill or (563) 864.7112

Japanese Knotweed Removal

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