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TUNB Receives $1000 Grant

Trout Unlimited North Bear Chapter (TUNB) received a $1000 grant from Trout Unlimited’s Embrace a Stream matching grant program for coldwater fisheries conservation. TUNB will use the funds to fight Japanese Knotweed on 5 acres of Yellow River State Forest upstream from Paint Creek. Japanese Knotweed is an invasive species in the US. Its presence results in loss of habitat for native species and insects, causes erosion, and chokes out other flora by reducing sunlight under its canopy. Removal is a timely process, and involves bending stems with a front loader, then injecting them with glyphosate using backpack sprayers. The total project is estimated at over $11,000. TUNB will fund the remainder through its members and partner organizations. Additional funding and support for the project comes from the Iowa DNR, Northeast Iowa Resource Conservation and Development, Richard Kittleson, and the Iowa Council of Trout Unlimited.

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