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Fishing near Durango, CO

by JK


I spent a day fishing outside Durango Colorado this July 2015. The rivers and streams were running high due to late season rain and snow. So, I moved to high grounds where the streams were clear, but the fish are smaller. The morning was slow with only a couple of fish caught. Stream temperatures were in the upper 40's in the morning, but warmed as the day progressed! As the streams warmed up, so did the fishing. I used a size 14 chubby Chernobyl and a size 18 BH as a dropper (local pattern that I got in the fly shop). A few fish were hitting the dropper at first, but the action quickly shifted to the chubby. I clipped off the dropper and just had a blast with the top water action. Very memorable trip and would go back in a heart beat! 

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